Are you feeling scared, trapped, or pressured? You are not alone. Many women have considered their options when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Consider the following information and call us for a free confidential consultation or click here to request an appointment online. We are here for you.


Abortion is a difficult decision. It’s important to consider how far along you are before you can proceed. According to House Bill 15, 82-R the state of Texas requires a ultrasound 24 hours in advance of abortion procedures. Make an appointment with one of our staff for a free ultrasound.

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The face of adoption has changed over the years. Birth parents can now choose a family for their child as well as the family’s income, background, religion, and other important things that matter. Future communications and contact between a biological parent and child is an option too.  That’s up to you.

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Parenting is a long term decision and can be one of the most positive experiences of a lifetime. However when it’s unplanned or comes earlier than expected, it can be a challenge. With the right support and help it can be done and done well. If you are considering parenting, make an appointment with one of our caring staff and find out how you can become the best parent possible.

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So you have a positive pregnancy test. Now you have some decisions to make. Be certain you know exactly how far along your pregnancy has progressed, you will need to know this when making decisions for your future. We can provide you with a free ultrasound, and give you information to help you determine your plan. Call for an appointment or request an appointment online.

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“We had no idea what to do, I had passed by Options many many times. Something within me said you need to call them. We were told every option we had. We didn’t feel like we were pushed into any certain decision. Our lives changed for good.” Client, Age 17

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