Parenting is a long term decision and can be one of the most positive experiences of a lifetime. However when it’s unplanned or comes earlier than expected, it can be a challenge. With the right support and help it can be done and done well. If you are considering parenting, make an appointment with one of our caring staff and find out how you can become the best parent possible.

The following local resources are available to help you in your parenting journey. 

Medical City Weatherford
713 East Anderson Street
Weatherford, TX 76086

1950 Clearlake Road
Weatherford, TX 76086

Grace House Pregnancy Center
919 East Eureka Street
Weatherford, TX 76086

Texas Workforce Commission
126 College Park Dr.
Weatherford, TX 76086

Aledo Children’s Advocats
9901 East Bankhead Hwy.
Suite B, Aledo TX 76008

Texas AgriLife Extension Office
604 N Main Street Suite 200
Weatherford, TX 76086–2436

Center of Hope
629 Palo Pinto Highway
Weatherford, TX 76086

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Freedom House

1149 Ft. Worth Hwy.
Weatherford, TX 76086

Manna Storehouse
129 E. Spring St.
Weatherford, TX 76086

Teenage pregnancy - a success story.

Parenting Checklist

Do I have the financial resources to care for a baby?
Can I complete my education while parenting a baby?
How does my family feel about me being pregnant?
Is the baby’s father supportive emotionally and financially?
Am I willing to forfeit some social activities to care for my baby?
Do I know the risk factors of teen parenting?
Do I have the support of friends and family?